Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have you seen THE PROPOSAL the movie?
If not check it out! but if you have..... do you remember the BABY MAKER QUILT in the movie?

(Sandra Bullock doesn't want it touching her because she doesn't want to get pregnant?)

Well in our Family--- it is opposite that. It is really hard for anyone to get pregnant. So after a girls night out to this movie, months ago, all the girls asked mom for a "BABY MAKER" quilt. With the hopes maybe someone would have good news to share. Well for Christmas my mom made the 4 girls a "baby maker" quilt. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Here it is:

(please don't mind we all look like we are half asleep, well we are.... it is Christmas what do you expect?)
Let me explain how it is a "magical baby maker" quilt. I think my mom is just a Genius!

FIRST this is the Symbol on the quilt. It is the Celtic sign for fertility.

followed by a little XO XO XO XO.......

SECOND this little message is written on the corner of the quilt....

So this is the MAGIC part of the quilt. And that is how you get a Baby Maker Quilt.

I hope one of the girls in our family has good news to share. We will see if they are truely magical.

To Be Continued.........