Thursday, May 28, 2009

The finished products:

Here are the finished monkey quilts that I posted earlier. They have a super soft fuzzy blue backing. When ever you quilt your quilts it just finishes them off so nice! These went to my soon by born twin nephews. . .

Strip quilts are so much fun- and so EASY. This quilt is for my other nephew- He was just born. Her nersery was done in navy, lime, light blue, and white. So this is what she got. This quilt was inspired by the Baby Gap line that she chose. The finished product turned out so cute. She of course LOVED it. It's always fun to add texture as well as ribbon and rick-rack to your strip quilts. Cheap and Easy!

closer look at the strips

The back felt like SILK- it was so soft. You can see the stitching better here.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Doesn't this look like fun!

Springy...... cheery...... bright..... joyful.......colorful.......
happy.......energetic.......... is my plan!

These are mostly HEATHER BAILEY fabric..... but a couple of Amy and others. I think I need a new spring quilt for over my couch. My friends comment how when they walk by my front window there is always a different quilt hanging over my sofa. Hey gotta keep it new and fresh right? I will show you the finished product....... hopefully soon! These are from a bunch of fat quarters one of my good friends sent me months ago---- I think it is time to put them to good use. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cute Purse Pattern

Becky picked this cute fabric out when we did "Girl's Night Out" at Material Girls Quilts. They had a cute handbag on display. It is called Wonderland by Momo for Moda Fabrics. The whole line is way cute. I found the striped ribbon but when I layed it out there was too much white in it so I used red instead.
Didn't it turn out cute? And pretty easy too.
There are even pockets sewn in for your cell phone and other goodies. So if you want to borrow my pattern, come on over!

Hmmmm. . . what can I do with this?

I bought this old tackle box at a yard sale years ago and never got around to doing anything with it. It looked really horrible and I just stored it in the garage. Every time I would put it in the pile for D.I., Carissa would throw a fit. So the last time I went to throw it away I decided it was time to do something with it. I sanded and sanded and sanded and then varnished and steelwooled and varnished some more. With new hinges, corners, and handle, it turned out great I think. This is what Carissa got for a Christmas present but since she couldn't haul it back on the plane, I have it here and thought I would share.
There is a place for all of her sewing and quilting supplies in here.

Even a cute little divided drawer to keep things organized. I covered thin cardboard with warm and natural and some fabric and hot glued them in place. (The bottoms of the drawers were kind of icky like maybe there had been fish guts in them - don't worry, I scrubbed them first)
Anyway, next time you are going to throw a "treasure" like this away, think of what it could become with not very much work. I loved how this turned out!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More monkies.......

Take the same fabric but put it with different colors and you will get a totally different quilt. This is the same sock monkey fabric put with reds.  I think I have now made 4 quilts from ADORABLE sock monkey fabtic.  Funky Monkey by Moda.

(This is a small baby size. I made this for my second child. My friend fell in love with it. Of course it was made before I knew what I was having. As soon as I found out I was having a girl she inherited this one. But still one of my favorite baby quilts. 

(Twin size bed spread. This is for Tylers room.) I even added the funky monkey at the beach too it. Put with orange, and greens, and light blues.