Tuesday, March 9, 2010


OH don't you just LOVE the colors red and aqua together!!! I do too! It is just like pink and brown are suppose to be together well so is red and aqua. I have a lot of those colors in my living room. Well I think it is time to make a quilt with just those colors. And I have just the place to put it.

on my new BABY!

(loveseat with out the couch potato)
(loveseat with the couch potato, notice the chips she is eating. TOTAL COUCH POTATO)

Only in Omaha could you find such a SWEET antique! Man, I love antiques in Omaha. They are the BEST. this is one of the MANY that I have stocked up on in the last few months. And don't you worry, I am NOT done stocking up yet. I will have to post my cool thrifty finds. But for now I will leave you drooling over the newest addition. For now it sits in my living room until we move to our new house and it finds a perfect home there. Ok, I won't hold back these are some of the other finds I have gotten.
bench and enamelware. Both $10. each. WHAT A STEAL!
(The refinished quilt cabinet- painted to match my velvet curtains $50)

(see the red and aqua theme?)
(this little gem was in a cute antique store. I was with a friend and I did give in. $30)

I can't take credit for this quilt. A lady named Amy Smart made this but, but I just love it and may just have to borrow some ideas from it! Just ADORABLE. Can't you just picture it with the red loveseat. Oh I CAN!



  1. yes Red and Aqua do go so well together. I miss Omaha and ALL the shopping not just for antiques. Oh and YOU, I miss you too. I feel so uninspired as of late. I need to get crafting, and fast, or else the whole world might implode.

  2. I love the red couch. Not as much as I love the couch potatoe, but I love the red couch and think I might need one for my house. Can you look for one for me?