Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My "Trek" Quilt

Those of you who know me know that I have been on two handcart treks at Martin's Cove. These treks have a very special place in my heart because I've had some amazing experiences in helping to plan them and being in that wonderful place. I cut out all of the skirts and bonnets that the girls and women wore and of course I kept all of the scraps. And what do quilters do? Turn those scraps into quilts!
I finally found just the right pattern from Cotton Way called "Slice of Charm". I changed it just a little by putting hearts in the center of the wheels instead of the patched circles. I love how it reminds me of wagon wheels.
I love how the back looks!

I used T shirt transfer paper to put a few pictures on it.

And I used a pigma permanent marker to print the names of all the pioneers our group trekked for around the circles.

Then this past weekend while my husband and I were at Martin's Cove helping with a training seminar, I presented it as a memory quilt to the Director's wife. She LOVED it! (which always makes a quilter feel good)
Now I need to make myself one of these memory quilts!

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