Thursday, May 28, 2009

The finished products:

Here are the finished monkey quilts that I posted earlier. They have a super soft fuzzy blue backing. When ever you quilt your quilts it just finishes them off so nice! These went to my soon by born twin nephews. . .

Strip quilts are so much fun- and so EASY. This quilt is for my other nephew- He was just born. Her nersery was done in navy, lime, light blue, and white. So this is what she got. This quilt was inspired by the Baby Gap line that she chose. The finished product turned out so cute. She of course LOVED it. It's always fun to add texture as well as ribbon and rick-rack to your strip quilts. Cheap and Easy!

closer look at the strips

The back felt like SILK- it was so soft. You can see the stitching better here.



  1. I love the monkeys and can't quite figure out how you put together the random sizes without doing lots of math....maybe sometime you could teach me because I have a lot of scraps that can't make a big square.

  2. I am so excited to stumble upon your blog!
    I love the fabrics and patterns that you use...I am a new quilter, but have had a little 'quilt addiction' for as long as I can remember! Shhhh.... let's don't mention this to anyone - they might decide to look through my closets! LOL