Thursday, October 1, 2009


So, over the summer, yes..... I am just now posting....... My mom told me she would watch the kids all day while I sewed. Well I took her up on that. And I did quite a few quilt tops- all of which are not quilted- but they are at least sewn. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE QUILT. And I am dying to quilt it. (Pint Size pattern from Camille Roskelly). The final size of whirley gig is 3" square. TINY! The total quilt is a little bigger than a baby quilt. A lot of work for such a small little thing! But VERY rewarding.
(not quilted yet- Matches my red armoir and pale blue velvet curtains perfectly)
(isn't it a cutie)
Find a cool piece of furniture to put your quilts on! This I found at a cute little antique shop on my B-day. I had some friends take me out and what a FIND ! only $20.00!!!!

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