Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Festival of Trees

In December each year there is a huge Festival of Trees with all of the proceeds going to Primary Children's Medical Center. I have never been before but I've always wanted to. Wow! What an amazing production! There are literally hundreds of trees that people decorate - some in memory of a loved one. And they are all for sale. There are also quilts, centerpieces and gingerbread houses. I will post some of these fun items later. They young women in our church decided they wanted to make a quilt to honor a special lady in our neighborhood. (You can see the quilt I made her in a previous post). She has lost her little boy to drowning and her husband to colon cancer and now she is fighting her own battle with breast cancer. And through it all, she has an amazing attitude and is so positive. My good friend Julie (who is a breast cancer survivor and you can see the quilt I made her in a previous post also) was in charge of this project and she asked me if I would be willing to make a tree skirt. How fun!!!! I had already made this Buggy Barn quilt called Crazy Flakes last year and thought it would be awesome for their theme of snowmen. This is a pretty labor intensive quilt but I was soooooo happy to be part of this project to honor Karen. The hardest part of it was to cut into a finished quilt! YIKES!!! But I did and it turned out great.

This is the finished tree. The girls made all of the cute little snowman heads. It was such a happy and cheerful tree. And it sold for over $3000! The girls also made a smaller tree to give to Karen and she was thrilled.
I cut another one of these quilts out at the same time for Carissa to make up but she didn't get around to making it before Christmas so I am slowing whittling away at the squares. Maybe by next Christmas I can get it done.

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